What are the 6 important features of a successful website?

A web design company Jerusalem will be your first and the most important partner in an online business. You need a website to work online but your site has to be according to search engine guidelines and it must be able to attract eyeballs.

Let’s discuss the characteristics of a decent website

1. Design

Your website design will have the first impression on the targeted visitors that will land on your website. The design should be attractive. Also, it should convey the right message. The visitors should have no problem or confusion in understanding the objective of the site. So, pay heed to the design.

2. Communication

A site communicates through content that includes text matter, graphics, pictures, and videos. It is content that matters most. Design will attract visitors to your site but it is content that will help them in understanding the real objective of the site. Luckily there are many SEO companies in Israel, you can approach for help.

3. Navigation

Once you have visitors on your site and they get the right feel of the business the site is doing, they will show interest in exploring the website. They will look for links to the inner pages. Here your site should have clearly visible and accessible tabs for the inner pages. Also, the inner pages should be as attractive and information as the homepage is.

4. Cross browser compatibility

An experienced web design company Jerusalemwill make sure that website has cross-browser compatibility that is it downloads decently on every browser. It will allow people to visit your site using any browser. They won’t have to change browser to access your site.

5. Responsive design

You should make a site that is responsive. It should fit in any screen size. For example, if one wants to visit your site on his tablet, he should be able to see the site on his tab. The site should be visible on a tab. Also, the site should be accessible through other devices like Smartphone and even a mobile with smaller screen.

6. SEO friendly design Your website design should be SEO friendly that is it should support optimization. SEO companies in Israel will suggest that you get a SEO-friendly site that is easy to optimize. Rest of the job of optimization will be done by your digital marketing partner. Your SEO partner will even take care of social media optimization and paid advertisements.markety.co.il

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