Remarketing is also known as retatgeting

Are these just new words that make a buzz? Or is it something that really works? ..

Well, imagine a potential customer browsing our online store
Unfortunately most of these visitors do not become customers, they leave the site without purchasing. There are several possible reasons
This is their first visit and they are not sure about the reliability of your store. They are distracted and they just do not finish the purchase, they do not find what they are looking for, or maybe they just decide to do their shopping later and then forget about your site completely.
This is where remarketing comes in. Thanks to cookies. Every time a visitor comes to one of your product pages, this information is stored on their device, computer, tablet, phone.

Advertising systems then collect this information regardless of whether the person has already visited other sites, surfed the Internet, read various sites, visited social networks, watched videos. No matter what the surfers do the next day
Now you can reach them through highly targeted ads like: “Hey are you still looking for this phone?” Or “Were you interested in this blue umbrella? How about a yellow umbrella?”
The goal is to remind them of your online store and return them upon completion of their purchase.

Understand the potential? These campaigns are very successful, because you know exactly what your goal is
You can also offer alternative products and so the credibility of the site has increased.

The only problem is that creating a remarketing campaign can be very complicated – the different markets and platforms, setting cookies, and planning a budget.
So how about leaving the hard stuff for us? We will happily handle the difficult part and create a campaign tailored to your company!
Contact us today, relax, and watch your sales grow.