A Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization

With the world having locked its hands with technology, mostly everything in it has gone digital. This is why the solution to all our problems and the answers to our questions have become the internet.

The entire process of looking up something online seems pretty simple from your side. You type what you are looking for in the search bar, and the search engine gives numerous results for you to choose from.

But, it is not by accident that these results are organized in a specific order. There are a few factors that determine the rank of a particular website, basically the algorithm, and they all come under the term of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization makes sure your website remains on top of a page of search results with the help of a few simple steps. It brings you the right crowd, and by enhancing the quality, the quantity will automatically rise.

Analyzing how SEO works

The function of a search engine is to retrieve information and get it ready for you. This retrieval that occurs in the span of a few seconds is the result of extensive processes.

If a certain website is known to the search engine, then the engine reads into the website and goes through its content. It then matches the keywords of the search with those that are mentioned on the website.

This implies that the website needs to be thorough with direct information on what it is about and how someone can benefit from it. For example, if your website sells gym equipment, make sure that nobody stumbles upon it in search of a gym.

You also need to make sure that the entire layout of the website should be as such to capture an individual’s attention. Be creative with the colors and fonts of the headings and subheadings. Pictorial representations are sure to pique a person’s interest.

But, to make sure that you hold the crowd that you attract, you need to have good quality content. People should find what they are looking for when they browse through your articles. This would ensure that the website shows up on top of other people’s searches.

Key to writing right keywords

Searches made by people can be divided into three types: navigational, informational, transactional. For a navigation search, people may be looking for a particular website. You need to make sure that the name of your website is direct and conveys what it is about.

Next, it is needless to say that the content of your website needs to be good to bear some fruit after an informational search. If a person is looking for products to buy or sell online, then it is termed a transactional search.

Keywords are extremely important to make sure that your website turns up under the right search. For example, if your website sells school supplies, it needs to have keywords, such as school, supplies, classroom, stationery, etc.

This being said, keywords can be divided into two subtypes. They are popular in different kinds of searches.


Short Tail Keywords

As the name implies, short tail keywords consist of phrases containing two to three words. Since they do not require much effort or time to type, they are frequently searched.

This poses an advantage for your website because small keywords are bound to be present in your articles, making sure they come forth in search results.

But, it also makes you vulnerable to ranking because such keywords are not website-specific and are advantageous for other pages too. Nevertheless, you can continue to ascend your way up the results by striving to improve your content.

Long-Tail Keywords

These consist of phrases that are longer and more specific, which narrows down the crowd to a great extent.

This may not look good, but in hindsight, it helps you advertise yourself to people who are looking for you and will derive some kind of benefit for you.

This greatly increases profit and popularity. By incorporating detailed strings of phrases, you can ensure more website visits; thus, making sure that your website remains on top.

Hiring the services of an SEO Company

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the website to maintain its search engine optimization on its own. With the pressure of continually writing new articles and making sure all the information is up to date, the optimization may start dipping.

The solution to this crisis can be found in SEO companies. They specialize in making sure your website remains on top or close to it throughout and not just do simple advertising by charging extravagantly.

This enables you to concentrate better on the job at hand, that is, making sure your website is presentable to the virtual audience. Not being worried about the website rank also increases efficiency and productivity.


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