Our company offers SEO services that will raise your site high in Google

Google SEO is a necessary process for improving your site’s position in Google. Our team offers you organic promotion based on keywords, improving site code structure, promotional articles, link building profile and optimization.

PPC Managment

PPC advertising requires constant attention. Planning and building your campaigns, through performance monitoring, keyword updating, and ad copy testing. We guarantee that your campaigns will always perform well.

Search Engine Optimization

In order for your site to rank high in Google, the search engine needs to crawl it easily. The goal is that when a surfer types in keywords related to your business, Google will recognize your site as relevant to the keywords.

Digital Consulting

As a website owner, you are probably facing a challenging and not easy competition against competing websites. In order to be successful in the competition and stand out above all others, you need to market your business online.

Sales Optimization

We need to think about digital psychology that will suit customers and make them act and ultimately purchase. Optimizing sales is hard work that takes a long time.
We at Markety will build you a winning digital strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization

Even if you have a large traffic to your site, it does not mean that all surfers purchase on the site. Therefore as business executives you need to set goals that can be measured and quantified. We at Markey will conduct research for you about your site through Google Analytics, in order to achieve each and every goal.

Social Media Marketing

Millions of people around the world surf social media. Promoting your business on social media will increase referrals to you, strengthen the connection with existing customers and expose your site to new customers.

Affilate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of business partnership between different businesses and companies and those involved in sales promotion. The role of affiliates is to advertise your business in different ways.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective marketing method that is proving itself. As part of email marketing, you send emails to customers who have signed up for your newsletter or left their details in other ways.

Online Marketing

There are many businesses that decide to build a website, but do not promote it and leave it to die online. In order to reach as many customers as possible and make your business thrive, you must market it digitally.

Cotent Marketing Strategy

Your path to success depends on building the right marketing strategy and writing marketing content. Interesting and high-quality content that deals with your business, will attract your potential customers to the site.

A wide range of security services for your site

Did you know that an SSL certificate is now mandatory on all sites?
Google recently decided that sites without an SSL certificate will be ranked in the search results at the back and this is probably a good enough reason why you must have an SSL certificate for your site
Without an SSL certificate your site will be behind, in addition a site with a certificate gives the user security and as a result will purchase much more
Buy a certificate on the site and you will earn!